Learn more about these Marketplace Ministries

Kingdom Builders

Kingdom Builders are Christian Business Owners that strive to use their God given gifts, skill sets and resources to further God’s Kingdom by “doing the work of the Kingdom” here on earth.

We meet monthly for breakfast and hear from christian business leaders that can inspire and give us insights on how to use our businesses to further the Kingdom. A component of the group is that we use our resources to move the Kingdom of God forward in our region.  Visit Website


Convene is a peer to peer CEO group that is focused on helping CEO’s and Business owners make a greater Kingdom impact through their businesses and create business growth through accountability and input from one another.  Our core belief is that if we do our business well according to Kingdom principles, God is glorified by that very act.

We have a suggested minimum size of $2,000,000 gross revenue and 10+ employees.  We meet once per month for a full day and each member also receives 90 minutes of executive coaching during the month. Visit Website

Dokimos Project and Network

The Dokimos Project is a 12-session intense spiritual workout for marketplace influencers that will help you discover your unique identity in Christ, journey of hope, divine assignment, and you will be commissioned to advance God’s Kingdom in your sphere of influence. It’s targeted for those in the marketplace but open to all! It’s about gaining a healed view of God, a healed view of self, and a healed view of others.

The Dokimos Network partners with churches and businesses to equip and commission workplace ministers. Our first God-sized goal is to see 7000 workplace ministers commissioned in the Sacramento Region. Our second God-sized goal is to see 1000 workplace elders equipped and commissioned. These elders are people who workplace ministers can go to for prayer, mentoring, guidance and assistance in reconciling relationships.

www.dokimosnetwork.org and www.dokimosproject.com

The Tapestry Network – Stephanie Sherwood

The local Tapestry Chapter is a missional membership community positioned to help you grow your business, grow your income and your impact for God’s Kingdom.
…unstoppable women whom want to serve as God has called t

hem into the marketplace without apology.

Through fellowship opportunities that deepen faith and sisterhood, the Tapestry offers each woman the encouragement, support and inspiration she needs.

Each Tapestry Chapter offers three opportunities for the weaving of support, information and services to produce marketplace champions. This is the Tapestry System™.


Our events are: Power-Bites (Lunch & Learn), Tapestry Gathering, and Dinner of Lights.

The Master’s Program – Brian Dowd 

The Master’s Program is for high capacity people of faith that have a sense that they have more to contribute to the Kingdom in the future. For those who know what it is to lead in their business contexts during the week, are responsible for substantial resources and give direction to others, there is a demonstrated ability of leadership that is has great potential for use in the Kingdom. The Master’s Program translates that potential into leveraged Kingdom leadership.


The Master’s Program meets quarterly at Granite Bay Golf Club on Fridays from 8:00-3:30 and the cost is $299/ month. Marcus, Michael and Susanna Sollazzo and Aric Resnicke are all graduates of the three year program.


Check out the website www.mastersprogram.org.