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PO Box 3355, Citrus Heights, California 05611-3355
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I am a Legal Document Assistant (formerly called an independent paralegal). Although I cannot give legal advice or represent my clients before a judge in a court of law (only an attorney can do that), I can prepare legal documents at the specific direction of my clients. I focus on the law that falls under the probate code. I have nearly 30 years of experience in preparing estate planning documents, including trusts, wills, powers of attorney, deeds and associated documents. Several years ago I added probate and trust administration to my business offering. I am currently branching out to conservatorships and guardianships. Over the years I have been employed by attorneys as a paralegal, I have worked with attorneys as an independent paralegal, and now I work directly with the public. I maintain a good relationship with several estate planning attorneys to refer clients that need legal advice and representation. I am bonded and registered in Sacramento County and I can offer my services anywhere in California. I complete a minimum of 15 hours of legal continuing education every two years (usually double that) as required by law and to keep current on the laws that affect my work.

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