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Igniting Marketplace Transformation
Uniting Christians to fulfill their calling to be ‘Salt and Light’ to
Transform the Marketplace!
We accelerate the ability to achieve success and live out faith ant work through a variety of events, workshops and education.

Connect with other Christians in business.,
Networking, Encouragement and Inspiration.
Brian Dowd
Biblical Basis for the 80-20 Principle as the Key to Leverage and Margin -Brian Dowd
July 9th 11:30-1pm @ William Jessup University
$15 for members & $20 for non members

Inspiration and encouragement from fellow Christians in Business
Lessons from Leaders in Faith and Business
Be the Salt and Light’ – Transform the marketplace.

The Fellowship Chamber

  • Fully in Business
  • Fully in Faith
  • Refreshing
  • Strengthening
  • Empowering
  • Encouraging
  • Relationships

The Fellowship Chamber believes real success is achieved through Biblical principles applied in the Marketplace. Get Encouraged, and Equipped to Engage with the Fellowship Chamber

Learn more about the Fellowship Chamber Membership and Benefits.

Marketplace ministry is easy and a fun adventure with God. Any Christian in business can do it!
Larry Hill, CalPro Research
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