Uniting and Encouraging

• The Fellowship Chamber brings Christian businesspeople together to meet, share their testimony, hear the testimony of others, gain confidence and pray for each other.
• The Fellowship Chamber is inclusive and calls on its members to reserve judgment, seek humility and love one other.


• Through the Fellowship Chamber, members gain practical tools for marketplace success.
• Members learn leadership skills from a biblical perspective.
• One-on-one mentoring and group coaching empowers members with key insight.
• The Fellowship Chamber helps members understand their calling and gifts to better serve God.


• Internally, engagement means inspiring each other to lead more fulfilled lives.
• The Fellowship Chamber guides members to serve God and community by volunteering their time and talent in support of local nonprofits and areas of need.
• A portion of membership dues goes to fund worthwhile causes.

Meetings and Events

• At monthly events, such as luncheons and breakfasts, guest speakers deliver knowledge and inspiration on topics that bridge business and faith.
• At weekly networking groups, members create new relationships while exploring specific topics.
• At quarterly fellowship mixers, Christian business owners and professionals generate referrals and strengthen relationships in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
• The seminars and courses available through Fellowship Academy help members discover new ways to succeed in business while living out their faith.


• The Chamber Fellowship provides a membership directory so that we might encourage the growth of each other’s business.
• The Chamber Fellowship publishes a monthly newsletter providing information on issues relevant to the Christian business community and local government.
•  We strive to create a place where you can come regarding all things related to Faith in the Marketplace. Whether we can provide you with the service you need or connect you to an outside resource, our goal is for needs to be met and to be ‘Salt and Light’ in the marketplace.