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One of the fastest growing communities of believers in the marketplace coming together to see Marketplace Transformation, Christians fulfilling their calling to be Salt and Light in the marketplace.

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New Name Your Price Membership

No Barrier of Entry! – We do not believer finances should be a barrier for you to e connected to the body of Christ in the marketplace. We believe coming together and increasing participation is more important than requiring a payment to join.

Robust Online Directory

Robust online platform designed to connect Business People to One another. People to local businesses for products and services, and connect churches and ministries to their members in the business community. A new proprietary technology platform with many more benefits and features is planned for this fall. Don’t miss out!

DON’T PAY unless you PRAY!

Our memberships follow a monthly membership model, but we leave the price up to you! We event don’t want you to pay unless you pray about it!

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How we are funded

Many ask how can we afford to offer a name your price membership, or let people sign up for free. We bring our needs before God in prayer and have several ways people can partner with is as they feel led.