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Become a Fellowship Chamber Member


Fellowship Chamber Membership

Basic Benefits for all Levels of Membership

  • Opportunities to Receive Referrals & Recommendations
  • Participation in all General Membership Events
  • Advertising opportunities online and at various events




Building your business:
  • Referrals and Networking: access to synergistic business opportunities
    • Building your relationships:
    • Meet other local Christian business leaders.
    • Access to outstanding Christian leaders for inspiration, encouragement, and training.
    • Expand your network of contacts.
    • Be inspired, see firsthand how following Biblical principals in business has impact.
  • Building your faith 


 Tools to improve performance:

  • Building your skills:
    • Workshops and training opportunities
    • Improve your skills (marketing, leadership development, relationship building, vision formation, public speaking, business practices, legal compliance).
    • Develop confidence using and perfecting your gifts in a safe, supportive, environment.
    • Have access to like-minded Christian business leaders for coaching, modeling, support, and guidance when needed.
    • Improve your character.
    • Become a fully formed Christian business leader (emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually).
  • Build your life and business on biblical Christian principles for success.


  • Advertising Opportunites:
    • Web Site Listing (Free listing with membership)
    • Chamber Lunch Sponsor ($50.00) – Ability to introduce your business.
    • Many more advertising opportunities will be available shortly.
    • Business mixers and other events.


Marketplace Transformation:

  • Being ‘salt and light’ for Christ by demonstrating biblically based faith in action.
    • A Job Well Done.
    • Opportunities to mentor others and share your experiences.
    • Give back to the community.
    • Serving God by serving and supporting others


The Fellowship of Marketplace Christians strives to Unite Christians to fulfill their calling to be ‘Salt and Light’ in the marketplace, by ENCOURAGING, EQUIPPING, them to ENGAGE in Marketplace Transformation.


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