Detailed Information

Client Retention is a B2B greeting card marketing company providing personal, custom, and unique greeting cards for all varieties of businesses. We mail these cards to your clients, prospects, referral sources, sphere of influence, buyers, sellers, patients, etc. – anyone who would benefit from receiving a card. The professional provides a mailing list to us and we get your card mailings out the door, on time, every time. WE DO THE WORK, you get the benefit.

What’s the purpose? To build a relationship and promote customer loyalty between the professional and their clients. Our cards/services are designed as a complete “done-for-you” package keeping you connected on a REGULAR basis (usually quarterly) between you the professional, and your clients. Our card mailings are instrumental in helping you create customer loyalty, repeat business and referrals.

Our set-up fee is waived for FNG members!

We also have an on-line catalog if you want to purchase our greeting cards and mail them yourself. www.shop.ClientRetentionInc.com