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Marketplace Regional Quarterly Lunch


Jacques Vanderwesthuizen

Owner of Pacific Consolidated of NV and CA

Jacques is an Afrikaaner Boer, as he was born in the Republic of South Africa in 1969. His grandfather was a Pastor, and later his father also became a pastor. His father went from being a very successful large business owner, to following his calling to become a missionary with YWAM (Youth with a Mission), and then worked under Reinhard Bonnke, with CFAN (Christ for All Nations). This caused Jacques to grow up in many different countries, and see amazing testimonies from Christ, like being able to smuggle Bibles into the Soviet bloc and seeing major demonic forces being driven out at the CFAN crusades. Overall, he had a very “Christian life” upbringing.

In 1980, he came to the United States with his family so his dad could study and become an ordained minister. After living in the US for 5 years, his family moved back to RSA where his father pastored a church. In 1987 he left high school without a diploma and went into the military. Ultimately, he decided to try out for the second most elite Special Forces unit (like the SAS, Foreign Legion, Seals) and was successfully chosen. During the 2nd year in the military, he lost his father and a deacon from the Church in RSA to a tornado while they were driving. Jacques came to the US in 1994 with the idea of also becoming a pastor. He did get his theology degree, but Jacque took years to heal and recover from his father’s strict physical abuse over his younger life, and took his anger out in the war and life in general. During that time, he was driven by not being a “loser”, which he knew he wasn’t and focused on succeeding at all costs.

He had an opportunity in 2003, and through serious sweat equity, rebuilt a company that was failing and became a wealthy and successful business owner, which the Lord later asked him to give up and set him free so that he could build the Lord’s company that he leads to this day. His current organization, Pacific Consolidated, has become a very large coast to coast company, and allowed Jacques to be philanthropic, while he shares this great time in his life with his amazing wife and our 4 kids ranging from 14-26. He believes there is more to life than the blessings the Lord has entrusted us with, it is about how we take those blessings and give it back to the Lord as Jesus calls him through the Holy Spirit. Jacques now focuses his life on Kingdom impact and return on investment.

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Thursday, March 23rd, 2023
11:30 a.m. – 1:15 p.m.



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